One of the greatest things about bike races is the people you meet. Back at the 2010 Scottish RR Championships/Anderside Classic I jumped off the bike in the feed zone as that seemed like a good place for photos. Not long later I was chatting to Callum from GS Metro about all things cycling and Fife, and we managed to meet up yesterday for the Tour Series’ first ever visit to Scotland.

I arrived nice and early to “do some work” and watch some of the youth races. I missed the afternoon’s main event, but it was good to see the kids out on a tough course, even if they should have been in school…

When Callum arrived we went for a couple of pints (which were served by Raith Rovers legend Shaun Dennis!) and then headed down to the pits to autograph hunt.

I made my usual trip to Poundland in the hunt for cheap camera batteries, but it backfired big time when none of them worked. Zero out of 22. So all my photos are Instagrams from my mobile.

The race was fantastic, the course was brutal and the pace high, with spills all over the place. They weren’t quite as exciting as usual given my current predicament, but it certainly kept things interesting. I think Dan Holloway should get a special mention for crashing near the start and completing the race with only one arm on the handlebars. Hard man!

It was great to see so many people out – even if some people were moaning about the small crowd – and the excitement among the locals, even if they weren’t cyclists. Crits are probably my favourite kind of race to watch so I may be a bit biased, but more events like these, especially outwith the central belt, can surely only be a good thing. Looking forward to next year already.